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Home of the Customer Sharing Movement

Why: We are better together. We are in this together.

How: Share what you know. Others will help you with your asks.

What: Join the Customer Sharing Movement. Choose your topics.

Imagine the challenge that you worked on today is something that somebody else also spent their workday digging into.

Actually, imagine yesterday they solved the challenge that you’re working on today and how much time it would save if they shared their solution with you.

Imagine further that you solved a challenge today that another sharing fan will struggle with tomorrow.


Without your sharing, they could spend an entire workday working on challenges you already solved.

There has to be a better way. There is just so much to do, so much you want to figure out, and not enough time.


If only there was a way for us to Share and Ask.

Introducing the Customer Sharing Movement

  • We share for fun.

  • We share for success.

  • We share because everybody wins.

  • Sharing makes us smile.

  • Sharing makes us belong.

What’s In It For You

  • You can leverage other sharing fans who have been through challenges and can help you work through yours.

  • You are part of a group of fellow sharing fans who will help, support and encourage each other.

  • You get to share solutions and best practices you have implemented with others.

  • You establish trust and build your knowledge, experience and reputation.

How It All Works

At Share-a-thons, we sit at the particular table that most interests us (Dashboards, Recruiting, Calculated Fields, Integrations, Security, Payroll, Benefits, Financials, etc.).

Then, we “go around the table”  where everybody gives a little history, offers topics which they could share on, the topics they could help others with, and then put forth their ‘Ask’ for the group.

“Here is my Share.  Here is my Ask.”

Once we have gone around the table, it’s time to help each other.

The group organically decides which items to discuss, or how to split into subgroups.  It’s not planned in advance exactly what will happen.  It just happens.

People like sharing, asking, learning, and smiling.

How Do You Get Involved?

You are invited to join Sharing Fans.  By joining the Customer Sharing Movement, you are taking a step to helping others and being helped by others.

We are on a first-name-only basis.  No last names or company names.  Your location follows your first name.  It could be city, state, country, or whatever you would like to share about where you typically sit.

For example, I am “David from California.”

We will email you.  Sharing Fans will only know your first name and location.

Become a Customer Sharing Movement Member now!

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