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A Few of My Favorite LI Posts

Updated: Apr 15

Workday Security

Two of my favorite posts tie together. One is a broad way to navigating your way around security, troubleshooting, and a security dashboard that allows for better administration. See this post here.

The other post, covers a deeper dive into governance and customization of the Assign Roles Business Process.

(And as a bonus - this post around the highly anticipated new User-Based Security Group Business Process)

Leveraging Discovery Boards

One of the more creative ways to have better visuals for dashboards is to leverage Discovery Boards. We have leveraged them for turnover and learning so far.

This post from LinkedIn dives into the configuration of how we customized our Workday Learning dashboard to serve as a one-stop-shop for Learning needs.

Notification Designer

Custom notifications can go a long way with making things visually more appealing and engaging your audience.

This post helps to give a clear indication of what is changing from a security standpoint, which by default does not provide a very clear indication of what is changing.

Business Process Condition Rules

One of my more creative posts, dives deeper into Business Process condition rule logic and how to prevent backwards logic.

I tackled it from two standpoints:

  • Initiator

  • Prior Approver

Change Job Business Process Optimization

Change Job is arguably one of the more complicated business processes to properly optimize and manage within Workday.

From including compensation, organizations, changes to benefits, payroll, tax implications, etc. there is a lot to consider in your configuration.

This post goes over custom-tailored configuration of how to make it more user-friendly and combine necessary other BP’s to meet your desired end goal.

Author: Scott from Texas

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Very thoughtful and detailed posts that you have on Linkedin. I have saved several.



Seems that the Notification Designer hyperlink is linked to the Discovery Board post


Here is the link to the Notification Designer post. I'll have someone from the team that compiled this for me correct the link.

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