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Share Dates

A Share Date is a 30-minute 1-1 sharing between a Guest and a Host


Guests: Workday Customers who want to share 1-1 with a Host. Guests can be beginners, experts, and anything in between...

Hosts: Workday Customers who want to offer Share Dates to other customers. Hosts need not be an expert. Instead, you could become a Host in order to ask sharing fans for help. Request to become a Host.

Our Hosts 

Alex from Alabama

Sherry from California

Andre from England

Michele from California

Meredith from Texas

Animesh from India

Jezebel from California

Anvesh from Toronto

David from California

Jen from Idaho

Eric from Missouri

Heather from Pennsylvania

Gina from Georgia

Ganesh from Singapore

Beth from California

Jasper from Indiana

Jerome from Texas

Mike from Tennessee

Scott from Texas

Tuseet from Germany

Our Hosts

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