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Share Dates

Welcome to another sharing opportunity.  We call it “Share Dates.”  


A Share Date is a 30-minute one-on-one sharing between a Host and a Guest. 


Hosts: Customers who want to offer Share Dates to other customers. Hosts need not be an expert. Instead, you could become a Host in order to ask sharing fans for help. Register to become a Host. 


Guests: Customers who want to share one-on-one with a Host. Guests can be beginners or experts. Choose from the below lists of Hosts to book a Share Date. Join this growing list of Hosts. Hosts are sharing fans who have at least one area that they would like to either Ask or Share with other customers.

Andre from England 

Hi, I’m Andre and I’ve been working with HCM solutions for several years and Workday HCM for the last six. I have worked as an implementation consultant, and for several Workday customers on global implementations and post live/phase 2+ projects. I focus on Core HR, Talent & Performance, Recruiting, Learning and Compensation, how the different modules work with each other and the broader Workday solution. My recent experience includes implementing Workday in Asia, optimizing Recruiting for high volume, and ‘what happens after Launch’, though I am interested in how any customer is planning, implementing, or developing their Workday solution.

David from California

Hello! I’m David from California. I have been doing Workday for over 15 years, specializing in integrations (including Boomerangs and Workday Extend), reporting and calculated fields. I worked at Workday (as an FTE) as EE #149 for 6 years, and wrote and taught all the integration certification courses for consultants (some of which later turned into PRO certifications, for Workday customers.) So, my expertise is not only in doing technical aspects of Workday, but also in teaching others, especially functional folk who want to become more technical. I trained over 1,000 customers when I was a Workday employee. When I left Workday, over 11 years ago, I became one of the first "indedepent consultants", and worked with LinkedIn, Google, Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox, Vassar College, and several others. Approximately 8 years ago, I we started encouraging Workday customers to share with each other, which a few years later grew from Share-a-thons and "The Sharing Show" into today's Customer Sharing Movement.  I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

Gina from Georgia

Hi, I’m Gina from Georgia. I have been in the Workday ecosystem for 9 years. I have supported many areas of Workday including HCM, Recruiting, Security, Reporting, Benefits & Compensation. I’m Workday Pro Certified in HCM & Security. I’ve been on large HRIS teams supporting a big employee population, as well as medium sized companies as a HRIS department of one. I think one of the best skills I’ve built over time is knowing where to go when I’m stuck. I love “talking it out” with others and believe Workday is better when we do it together.

Meredith from Texas

Hello! I’m Meredith. I have been working with Workday for almost 5 years, specializing in Benefits. I work in the Higher Ed area, but a lot of the benefits area isn’t industry specific. I love sharing tips, tricks and lessons learned about Go Live, Open Enrollment, benefits configuration (plans, groups, rules, business processes), ACA reporting/compliance, 3rd Party billing and integrations! I dabble in other areas too, and I love talking with others about ways to improve and maximize Workday functionality!

Jasper from Indiana

Hello, I am Jasper from Indiana. With two decades of expertise as a software engineer and five years as a technical product manager, I specialize in managing and enhancing the Workday platform, focusing on responsible system architecture and robust integrations with third-party systems. My journey with Workday began in 2020, where I have honed my skills in navigating its complexities and potential. What truly drives me is coaching and guiding both technical and non-technical professionals, helping them unlock the full potential of Workday. My hands-on experience in software development and product management positions me uniquely to offer insightful, practical advice when building solutions. Let's connect to share and learn about Workday together.

Jezebel from California

Hi, I'm Jez, from California. I've been in the Workday eco-system for 5+ years and 100% of that time has been doing reporting, calc- fields, and more recently PRISM Analytics.  I worked at Workday for 2 years doing reporting in the recruiting module. Since then at client companies, I have facilitated an implementation, created full reporting solutions (reports, dashboards, calcs, etc) for performance, talent, advanced comp, operational metrics, and architected PRISM data models.  I am a cheerleader for using Workday to solve most reporting needs but I also know how to support other tools, like Tableau and Visier, if needed.  I thrive by helping teach and build others up in this space.

Mike from Tennessee

Hi, I am Mike M.  I have been writing XSLT code since 2008, when we were first implementing Workday.  I primarily create outbound EIB integrations using XSLT. I enjoy helping people find solutions to their integration needs.

Michele from California

Hi, I am Michele. With five years of experience specializing in Workday Financial Modules, I am passionate about creating efficient and seamless financial solutions. My favorite aspect of Workday is building integrations, where I excel at transforming intricate processes into streamlined workflows within the platform.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find immense joy in spending time near the water—whether it's a beach day, paddle boarding, or any waterside activity, I cherish those moments. I believe in bringing my enthusiasm for life's simple pleasures into my work, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling approach to both my professional and personal endeavors. Excited to bring my expertise and passion to every project I undertake!

Eric from Missouri

Hi, I am Eric! I have been in the Workday ecosystem for over 7 years specializing in the Human Capital Management areas of Staffing, Payroll, Benefits, Security, and Business Processes. I work in the Higher Education area, but most of the items I assist with are in Business Process, Security, and Staffing which are not industry-specific. I have shared tips and tricks on the Request Framework, Questionnaires, Business Processes, Staffing transactions, and EIB integrations. I love to talk about how Workday can improve organizational processes and have things can be improved with Workday functionality. I am excited to share some expertise that I have and to collaborate with others.

Tuseet from Germany

Namaste, I am Tuseet. I have 11 plus years of Workday experience which is spread across HCM, Talent & Performance, Time Tracking, Absence, Expenses and most recently, Workday Help. I have worked for big companies (over 15000 employees) and medium sized companies (2500 plus employees) across US, Europe and India. I love the Workday community and am always up for exchanging ideas, problems, and knowledge.

Jerome from Texas 

Hi, I’m Jerome and I’ve been in the Workday Ecosystem for 4+ years and hold a Workday Pro in HCM and Reporting. I specialize in reporting, calc fields, and Talent & Performance. I also support Learning, Recruiting, Business Processes, Security, and EIBs in my organization. In the past, I’ve shared topics such as rule-based business processes, custom organizations, EIBs, and Org Studio. I’m passionate about finding ways to improve the current process and my recently completed project involves improving configuration and approvals in Recruiting. I’m very interested in how other Workday customers use Workday and would love to share my experiences and ideas.

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