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What is a Share-date?

A Share-date is a 30-minute one-on-one session connecting a Host (that's you!) with a Guest (another Workday Customer).

Hosts are individuals passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences. Hosts don't need to be experts. Hosts are "sharing", not simply "giving", which means that Hosts ask Guests about their area of expertise.

Share-dates are mutually beneficial one-on-one sharing. Share-dates are not one-way Q & A.


Key Details: 

  • Host Definition: Workday Customers passionate about sharing with fellow Workday Customers.

  • Guest Definition: Workday Customers seeking one-on-one sharing with fellow Workday Customers, the Hosts.

  • Payment: Guests pay $49 per session. Hosts receive $25 per session, after their 3rd completed session.

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