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Share Candidates

Meet Our Share Candidate Pool!

Are you in search of top-tier professionals ready to elevate your team? Our curated list of Share Candidates is a treasure trove of skilled individuals actively seeking new career opportunities. From seasoned Workday veterans to fresh talents, our Share Candidates bring a diverse range of skills and experiences. Our Share Candidates boast impressive track records, with achievements that speak volumes.

Ready to meet your next team member?

Dive into our list of Share Candidates and discover the talent that will drive your company to new heights!

Are you interested in becoming a Share Candidate?

Have you been an active Member of the Customer Sharing Movement, or more of a "Fly on the Wall"?

Do you have several years experience with Workday, or are somewhat new to Workday, or somewhere in between?

Regardless of your answers to these questions, share your experience with us by clicking the 'Become a Share Candidate' button.

  • Core HCM

  • Compensation

  • Advanced Compensation

  • Reporting

  • Security

Areas of Expertise

Candidate 101 - (Instructions)

10+ years of Workday HCM Experience for a global company looking for HRIS Sr Manager or Director position. 

  • Fully remote or hybrid

  • Workday Pro: HCM & Recruiting

  • Modules: HCM, Absence, Benefits,  Comp, Advanced Comp, Talent, Reporting, and Expenses

  1. Core HCM

  2. Recruiting

  3. Absence

  4. Benefits

  5. Comp and Adv Comp

Areas of Expertise

Highly skilled technology professional with a MBA and over 15 years of experience in HRIS, Human Resources, and technology innovation at a large global company. Track record of success managing, designing, developing, and implementing advanced Human Resources software systems with continuous growth assignments. Proven expertise in managing complex projects while exceeding objectives in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.


A people-oriented leader for 10+ years with a focus on employee growth, learning, and results.

  • Interested in HR, Business, or IT director roles, particularly HRIS

  • 10+ years of experience with Workday

  • Open to 100% remote or hybrid (depending on location)

Areas of Expertise

  1. ​Workday 

  2. HRIS

  3. Core HCM

Strategic, vision-driven HR and technical program leader who focuses on Workday HCM configuration. Passionate about efficiency, transparency, and mentoring. Strong background in program and project management, portfolio management, change management, and training.


Excels at translating technical to non-technical and back again to define the needs and preferences of the business into technical requirements and specifications. Thrives in environments that embrace both the analytical and creative. Believes in collaboration, fostering partnerships, and developing trust with stakeholders through dedication, commitment and integrity.

Looking for Workday HRIS Manager/Director roles

  • 12+ years experience with Workday

  • Prefer 100% remote; but open to hybrid based on location and flexibility

System / Technology Specialties
Workday HCM (HCM Core, Talent/Performance, Compensation, Benefits, Absence, Recruiting, Organizations, Reporting, Business Processes, Security), Jira (Tier 3 Service Desk & Projects), Smartsheet (Certified User), Microsoft Office 365, Google, Confluence.

  1.  Core HCM

  2. Talent / Performance

  3. Organizations

  4. Compensation

  5. Reporting

Areas of Expertise

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