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Encourage Employees to Reach Their Full Potential with Career Hub

One of the common reasons workers leave their organization is due to the lack of opportunities for growth. While professional development is ultimately a worker’s responsibility, it is important that employers provide workers with the resources needed to kick start or guide their career development. By showing an interest in employees’ development goals, employers can increase retention and build stronger teams to deliver better business results.

So how can Workday help with career development?

One of the latest tools available in Workday is Career Hub. Utilizing machine learning, Career Hub provides personalized career opportunities based on current skills and interests defined by each worker. Each worker answers a handful of questions upon first entering Career Hub that generate suggestions for things like mentors to help workers define and reach their goals, connections they can network with, and gigs workers may be able to participate in to utilize or build their skills. It also provides a way to build a plan to reach their career goals or with a way to explore skills to help them determine where to start. Worker preferences can be adjusted at any time and new suggestions will be populated overnight by the machine learning extractions that occur nightly, Monday through Friday.

Career Paths in Career Hub – Coming Soon!

Coming to Production in Winter 2023 are four options to automatically generate potential career paths – Paths taken by others in my role, paths based on current skills, paths based on skill interests or paths based on job interests. Career paths will be available via the Explore section of Career Hub and are available for testing now for Career Hub customers in Preview tenants. Workers can select which roles to add to their path, then can view skills they need to develop to get there and workers currently holding the role that they can connect with for additional insights.

Get Started with Career Hub

Career Hub is part of the Talent Optimization SKU and requires organizations to opt into Innovation Services, enable HCM Machine Learning, and enable Workday Skills Cloud. To improve Career Hub suggestions, workers should update their worker profile by adding items such as skills, job history and learning activity. This can easily be accomplished from within Career Hub by including the delivered Skills and Experience task to the Quick Links section.

Career Hub can also be utilized in conjunction with Opportunity Marketplace to provide workers with one-stop access to gigs, jobs and learning suggestions. Enable Career Hub in your Preview tenant today to explore how Career Hub can help increase employee engagement and retain your workforce.

Author: Becky from Ohio

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